About Us

  1. Who can use the portal

    The GlobalRecalls portal enhances information sharing across jurisdictions and supports regulators in taking corrective actions. The portal is also beneficial for consumers and businesses. Consumers can use this portal to check whether there are safety concerns about the products they intend to buy; this is will particularly useful when making cross borders online purchases. Businesses can improve tracking of emerging hazards from around the world, which will help them to move quickly to address problems. The GS1 India Product Recall portal will also be of added value countries which do not have an electronic system on data recalls, as it can be easily adapted, customised and used in their jurisdictions.
  2. How is the information updated

    A web service is being developed so that information can be collected automatically from participating jurisdictions. Each jurisdiction decides how often and when it sends information to the portal, so the updates timespan may vary from daily to weekly or monthly.
  3. How long the data will be available and stored? Will it be deleted

    Information will be stored on the portal for as long as each individual jurisdiction allows. Some information could therefore be available indefinitely.
  4. How will this portal evolve over time

    The official launch of the portal completed Phase I of the project. Next steps encompass: i) enhancing translation and searching capabilities, ii) adding historical data into the portal, iii) automating regular updates and iv) gathering data from additional jurisdictions. Work also commenced on a mobile application which would facilitate the use of the portal. Efforts will be also made to develop a customized interface for those jurisdictions which do not have their own database in place.